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Reliable pipelines under the ground deliver fresh water to your homes every time you turn on a faucet. If you are installing new appliances or need to increase your water supply, we can help. At H2O Plumbing in Corydon, we provide a variety of water line repair services including installation, upgrades, maintenance, and leak or blockage repairs.

5 Signs You Need To Repair Your Water Line 

If you are noticing some peculiar changes in your system, you may not be sure what is happening. These five signs are clear indicators that it’s time to call for a professional to check and determine whether you need a water line repair.

  1. Dirty or cloudy water with an unpleasant smell – If you notice that the water coming from your faucets is dirty and smelly, you should consider the possibility that something in your water line is not working properly. You should react fast in order to prevent further damage.
  2. Puddles in your yard – If you notice that you have puddles in your yard but it has not been raining, then you might have issues with your water line. Puddles in the yard that do not go away are signs that you have leaks coming from your water line system.
  3. Rusty water – If you notice rusty water coming from your faucets, you might have a problem with your water pipes. Water line pipes are prone to corrosion, so they need to be checked and replaced regularly.
  4. Dropped water pressure – When you are experiencing low water pressure from your faucets in the kitchen or in the shower, it means that your water line is not working properly. Namely, low water pressure usually signalizes clogs and blockages in the water line system. This means you need to call for a water line repair.

Water line repair services include replacing and repairing broken pipes and worn-out parts that allow the system to work properly.

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Water Line

Ideally, your water line will outlast the home, but this isn’t always the case. There are situations where the water line itself needs to be replaced. These four signs are the most common reasons we see to replace your water line.

  1. Frequent Clogs – Clogged drains are a part of plumbing fixtures, but if you’re constantly dealing with clogs it could just be a symptom of a larger issue. This is especially important if you have multiple drains clogged at the same time. This usually indicates that there’s a system-wide issue.
  2. Strange noises – Strange sounds are always a bad sign, and they usually require immediate inspection. A little noise coming from the water line system is completely okay, considering you have to know it is working. Especially when your pipes are cold, you may have a slight humming – but any type of gurgling or exceptionally loud noises mean it is time to call a professional plumber.
  3. Low water pressure – Low water pressure is not normal and should be evaluated by a professional. Particularly if the water pressure drops suddenly and unexpectedly. If the pressure gets worse slowly over time, it may be an obvious indicator of leakage. So, a replacement might be inevitable.Rusty water is one of the signs you need a water line repair.
  4. Occurrence of pests – If you notice an increase in pests on your property, it might be time to check the sump pump. Pests and rodents love humidity and dirt, so they can easily inhabit your water line and enter your home. If this happens, you may need an immediate replacement.

4 Benefits of Having a Functioning Water Line

It can seem overwhelming to repair or replace your water line, but the benefits of having a fully functioning system far outweigh the costs.

  1. Eliminate Ongoing Repairs – If you have been dealing with frequent issues with your water line, having a new functioning one can save you from future headaches. Having a water line that functions properly will give you peace and comfort in your home for years to come.
  2. Safety – The quality of water you have in your home is crucial. A functioning water line will make sure that you have safe and clean water free of bacteria that can cause diseases. This provides safety and security for the whole family.
  3. Longer lifespan – A fully-functioning water line means a longer lifespan for your water line and the appliances it serves. You will not have to worry whether your water line has cracks or leaks if it is checked and installed by a professional and works properly.
  4. Decreased costs – If you are dealing with a faulty water line, you may face large repair bills in the future. A fully-functioning water line operates smoothly with no anticipated repairs looming in the future. An up-to-date water line can also save costs on your monthly water bill by keeping your appliances working at peak efficiency.

FAQs about Water Line Repair

No, absolutely not. The installation of a water line is a complex process and it involves connecting new lines to ones that already exist. In some areas, it may also require specific permits and certificates to complete the work. If you have never done this on your own, it is better to hire a professional plumber.

  • We can usually fix the problem the same day. On average, a water line repair can take from 4 to 8 hours. This is usually because the plumber needs to inspect the water line and find the problem before beginning the repair process.

If you are having a trenchless water line installation, then you should expect the process to last for a couple of days with minimal invasion on your property. On the other hand, if you are having a trenched water line installation, it can take significantly longer due to the excavation required.

Why Choose Us

Water line repair is a crucial service that should be performed by a professional and experienced plumber to ensure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. Choosing the right company for water line repair services is essential to prevent future issues and costly repairs. While we know you have several plumbers to choose from, it’s clear why H2O has the best reputation for reliable plumbing services in Corydon, IN.

  • Licensed & Insured: Our work is 100% reliable and backed up by our company guarantee. In addition to required licenses and insurance, we provide maintenance for any plumbing we service or install in Corydon. This means you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected today and into the future.
  • 100% Honesty: This is a core principle of our company and one that we take very seriously. No customer is ever sold something they don’t need. From our recommendations to our pricing, we keep things transparent and eliminate surprise fees or scare tactics.
  • Years of Experience: Having owned and operated in Corydon, IN for decades, we understand the local water issues and have worked with both residential and commercial customers. There is no plumbing problem we can’t handle. Every technician that shows up has the education and experience necessary to properly diagnose the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Get the Water Line Experts You Need for Your Home 

Enjoy your home again with the confidence of water reliability with no leaks, clogs, breaks, or cracks. Our team of plumbers in Corydon, IN will ensure that your water line repairs are done correctly and promptly, minimizing any disruption to your daily life. Additionally, we provide proper maintenance and check-up of the system, to ensure it’s working optimally and prevent future issues. For professional, high-quality work performed by experienced technicians using top-of-the-line materials and equipment – give us a call today!